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We often see flags in various sizes and colors with unique characters. It is just the modal feature of colored flags that determines the specificity of the product during production. How does this particular body manifest itself?
We have also conducted meticulous research on this specificity during our long-term product. There are differences in the size of various banner products, which can reach ten times or more. Therefore, the banner products are seldom the same in shape, which greatly increased the difficulty of producing banners.
The production of colored flags contains a systematic process of textile fabrics, bleaching, printing, dyeing, sewing and final product molding. Thus, it is quite difficult for small-scale workshops to accomplish this, and the batch production of colored flags can only be achieved through cooperation. The most important thing is that banner products generally have representative significance, such as the important political significance in our national flag has extremely. Therefore, the internal and external appearances of banner products are very important, which require production enterprises to increase the technical monitoring and achieve high-quality 3x5 Flag